PC Interfaces


The chassis Bilt is fitted with 5 interfaces:

The Ethernet, USB, GPIB and RS232 interfaces comply with industry standards. Please, refer to the user manual for more details. When fitting the PC with a GPIB interface, Agilent and National Instruments models are convenient.

The RS422 interface is more specific. It remains an excellent industrial solution, especially for Burn-in / Life-test applications, where a large number of chassis can be networked. It features excellent noise immunity, the ability to cover large distances (several hundred meters) and, finally, easy wiring (flat ribbon cable to crimp). Like Ethernet, it offers an additional advantage for low noise applications : it is electrically isolated from the chassis ground.


The self-powered isolated interface RS422/USB BE717 allows the easy connection of an RS422 network to a computer without installing a specific card inside ... Moreover, it allows a higher speed of communication with the BILT chassis (207kb/s instead of the standard 56kb/s).

Pdf  Isolated Interface RS422/USB BE717...
Pdf  Bilt User Manual ...
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