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We control all the steps required for working out our products, from prototype to serial production :
  • iTest performs the complete design: electronic hardware, software, mechanical parts and thermal design.
  • iTest performs parts procurements and writes manufacturing files.
  • Manufacturing and wiring are outsourced to French partners who ensure a high quality level.
  • Then iTest proceeds to tests, assembly, calibration, integration, on-site installation and after-sales service.
The company was founded in 1996 as “Hirex Electronics”. It started with two engineers who had a strong background in component testing. The BILT product was promptly developed to perform reliability test benches, like Burn-In and Life-Test. The first system was delivered at the end of 1997.
At this time, the company was a subsidiary of Hirex Engineering, with whom it performed radiation tests on electronic components.

In 2002, the company split from Hirex group and its business services. While taking the name of iTest, it became a fully independent company.

Nowadays, we have diversified our activity and Bilt system mainframe has proved its efficiency for new purposes.
More than 500 systems have been delivered, and the first ones are still fully operating. One third of the business is related to new areas, such as physics, synchrotrons and dedicated applications, developed jointly with our partners.
Components Manufacturers :
3D+ Continental Automotive, E2V, FCI, Infineon(D), Molex Automotive(USA),
OMMIC, UMS, UMS-Gmbh(D), Trixell, Tyco, Vishay, Winbond (Taiwan).

Primes :
Astrium, III-V Lab, Cnes, Norspace(N), Thalès-Alénia-Space, Thalès-Group.

Expertise Labs :
Hirex, LNE, TRAD.
Research Centers :
Synchrotron ESRF, Synchrotron SOLEIL.

Scientific Labs :
CENBG, CNRS, FBH (D), IAF - Fraünhofer (D).

ESPCI - Paris, GPM - Rouen, IEMN - Lille, IM2NP - Aix-Marseille, IMS - Bordeaux, EMSE - Gardanne, Unip - Padova(I).
Amcad Engineering:
Since 2008 iTest and Amcad have jointly developed high power pulsed generators with integrated measurement units for pulsed characterization of RF transistors.
►AM200 Pulsed IV measurement system for RF transistor ....
►Amcad Engineering ....

Since 2011 iTest has developed in partnership with LPA Laboratoty /ENS/CNRS, an ultra low noise, low voltage DC source. One of the main applications is nanostructure polarization.
►BE2100 series, Very High resolution, ultra low noise DC sources ...
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