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High end performances according to requirements of research activities.
Especially, a high resolution low voltage DC source developed in partnership with the CNRS/LPA laboratory.

Thanks to the large range of available modules and the overall versatility, the Bilt system is the perfect suitable tool for the research laboratory.

In partnership with several French laboratories, iTest has developed modules for target applications:

  • The BE2100 modules are ultra low noise low voltage DC sources. They have been developed in partnership with LPA Laboratoty /ENS/CNRS. One of the main applications is nanostructure polarization.

  • The BE556 module is a quadruple 1200V DC source designed for particle detector polarization, like MICROMEGAS. It is optimized for very low current measurement. It allows the user to define specific sequences in order to recover after a current transient pulse.

If you are seeking a partner to carry on the development of a new product, don't hesitate to contact us. We can work on each step of a project, from the prototype up to industrialization.

www  High End DC Source series.
Pdf  Application note : "Very low noise sources for physics applications requiring a superconducting magnet".

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