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iTest supplies a complete monitoring system for testing a connector on a shaker. Or any other part which needs to be tested with mechanical and thermal stress cycles ...

Fitted for contact tests, the Bilt system gathers 2 quite different functions running at the same time:
  • detection, counting and pulse width measurement of very short and random events, using adapted lines both for driver output and detector input.
  • accurate DC measurement of the contact resistance, down to 0,1mΩ, using a four wire connection. Data logging is proceeded on events, and each record is completed by measurement of the shaker frequency and the oven temperature.

iTest has expertise for wiring implementation in these difficult conditions: High bandwidth, long cables, high noise levels, low voltage thresholds.

iTest has supplied many automotive connector manufacturers and environment test laboratories.

In addition, for the qualification of high speed network connections up to 500Mb/s , we propose another way to operate: The connectors have to be tested using their actual working conditions, and the error rate is detected within data transmission (BERT).

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