Burn-In / Life-Test
of electronic components


Supplying stress test benches is the core business of iTest:

Our main customers are research laboratories, manufacturers and integrators who are dealing with the improvement of high end components and small volume production.

The tight monitoring of parameters throughout the aging test is always required. When possible, the periodic measurement of the component characteristics is performed on-site, on the stress bench. Otherwise, an additional individual measurement test bench is required.

iTest has a long-standing expertise and a lot of know-how for providing all the parts of a stress test bench:

  • Controlling and monitoring electronics is done using our modular Bilt system.
  • We provide advanced thermal solutions using either heating/cooling plates or fitted ovens.
  • We supply burn-in boards, test fixtures and any mechanical arrangement, wiring and integration.
  • We have developed EasyStress, a PC software able to drive any stress test setup.

Thanks to the flexibility of the Bilt system, we can provide smart and competitive solutions:

  • Outstanding system modularity:
    Easy to obtain any setup using a combination of our DC sources, signal generators, thermal controllers ...
  • EasyStress, a control software designed for components testing:
    Able to drive any hardware setup. Easy definition of any complete software setup with batches, samples and settings according to the operator's requirements. Monitoring, data logging and history files ...
  • Reliable control process:
    Real time control and data logging are performed on the remote processor within each Bilt unit, ensuring the highest reliability level.
  • Easy integration of dedicated functions:
    A module designed according to a customer's personal needs will take its place within the Bilt unit among the general purpose and standard modules.

In any case, we provide reliable and lasting systems because, whatever the application, we use exactly the same hardware and software platform.

iTest can be involved in a project whatever the requested level: We can just supply items out of our Bilt catalog, or we can design, produce and deliver a complete system according to your specification. At the same time we will provide our expertise and assistance, starting at the initial description and ending with the on-site training.

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Related products and services:

  • Electronic rack integration, including dedicated wiring.
  • Burn-In board, test fixture, backplane.
  • Remote functions closed to the tested device (fast pulser, high data rate pattern driver).
  • Fitting out oven, with printed circuit connection through airproof path.
  • Thermally controlled base, heating plate, TEC module.
  • Mechanical parts, tightening parts, moving parts.
  • Auxiliary bench for samples check, burn-In Board check using a test pattern.
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Application examples already developed by iTest:

Stress bench for transistors and RF MMIC using only DC bias
(HBT, FET, AsGa, GaN)
Optional Setup Examples:
  • Large set of low power signals, test board inside oven
  • Static or pulsed supplies
  • Thermal cycling, ON/OFF cycling
  • Power devices using stand-alone thermal platesr
  • Composants de puissance avec contrôle thermique individuel
  • On-site characteristic measurements (like IV plot)
Operating stress bench for RF power amplifiers
(HBT, FET, AsGa, GaN)
Optional Setup Examples:
  • CW or pulsed signals.
  • Thermal cycling, ON/OFF cycling
  • Constant input level or constant dissipated power or constant RF power
  • Power devices using stand-alone thermal plates
  • On-site characteristic measurements (like IV plot and Gain plot)
Burn-In test bench for
RF hybrid devices / on board equipment
Optional Setup Examples:
  • Power devices using stand-alone thermal plates
  • Thermal cycling, ON/OFF cycling
  • Pulse generation, driver for serial and parallel setup pattern, mode switching
  • Static or switching load current.
Stress bench for digital or mixed analog/digital devices
(Processor, Memory, FPGA, Imaging)
Optional Setup Examples:
  • Large set of low power signals
  • Low voltage power supply using high pulsed current
  • Pulse generation, driver for serial setup pattern, mode switching
  • High data rate parallel pattern generator
  • Oven fitting, production test fixture
  • Auxiliary functional test bench for Burn-In Board check using a test pattern
Stress bench for
power Laser diode

Optional Setup Examples:

  • Static or pulsed supplies, thermal cycling, ON/OFF cycling
  • Constant dissipated power or constant output power
  • Power devices using standalone thermal plates
  • On-site characteristic measurements (like V(i) plot and P(i) plot)
Stress bench for
high reliability resistors
  • Very large voltage and current working range

Stress bench for
new experimental transistors

Optional Setup Examples:

  • Large set of low power signals, test board inside oven
  • Thermal cycling, ON/OFF cycling
  • On-site characteristic measurements, measurement instrument switching matrix

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