Thermal Test Fixture for        
Burn-in & Life-test        

Burn-In and Life-Test of electronic devices require the implementation
of both electrical and thermal stress.

iTest offers test fixtures designed for each way of managing the thermal stress:
Oven fitted with airproof crossing for Burn-In / Life-Test applications

  • Fitting out an oven for a set of Burn-In Boards.
At the oven's rear panel, each slot is fitted with an airproof crossing and an external backplane board. A large temperature range can be endured with dedicated printed circuits, while keeping safe standard range external connectors and cables.
The common ambient temperature and/or the actual device's package temperatures will be monitored by Bilt thermocouple input module (BE426,427).

  • Heating / cooling plate for controlling a limited area within a test fixture:
When the tested components are fitted with a conductive bottom side, the control of a base plate's temperature is faster, more accurate and more efficient than using an oven. In addition, close to the small hot area, the burn-In board can gather active drivers, connectors and cables performing standard temperature range.
Different test fixtures are developed to fit the component's footprint, the temperature and the dissipated power requirements:
6 Position Thermal Test Fixture BT321  
Test fixtures powered and controlled by BE47x Bilt modules
  ref. temperature range dissipated power regulating elements base plate outlines
DataSheet, PDF ST22X 15°C to 70°C 4 x 20W Peltier with water cooling
4 cells 45x60mm
DataSheet, PDF ST21X 20°C to 105°C 30W Peltier with forced air cooling 1 cell 50x60mm
ST25X 20°C to 85°C 100W Peltier with forced air cooling 1 cell 86x117mm
DataSheet, PDF ST090 30°C to 125°C 6W Heater with forced air cooling 1 cell 95x50mm

standalone and self powered platform (Bilt driver using the expander digital interface BE311)
  ref. temperature range dissipated power regulating elements base plate outlines
DataSheet, PDF BT321 60°C to 200°C 5 x 5W Heater
5 cells 50x50mm
  BT... Other models under development ...

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