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Standard 19''/4U Chassis, Self-ventilated:

  • 13 slots, up to 120W / slot
  • Up to 780W global power output
  • Expendable primary power set up
  • Emergency mains cut-off system
  • 8 and 5 slot versions available
  • Optional front LCD display
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High Performances Modular DC Sources:

  • High accuracy for generation and measurement
  • Fully-specified operating area (2 or 4 quadrant, transient response timing, settling times, max capacitive load ...)
  • Multi-ranges. Example : BE516, 9 current ranges from 5μA to 6A
  • Over voltage protection & programmable thresholds
  • Wide possibilities for memory plotting and sequential control
  • ...


  • GPIB, RS232/422, Ethernet & USB 2.0
  • SCPI Commands
  • Easy programming with
    NI LabVIEW®, Agilent VEE®, Microsoft®  VisualStudio®, BuilderC++®, VB6...
  • LabVIEW® drivers

Dedicated Sources:

  • 21bit Ultra low noise, μV resolution, DC-source.
  • Pulsed DC-source for RF device testing.
  • DC + AC source.
  • Fast corrector magnet converters for particle beams.
  • Laser diode polarization and measurement.
  • Contact testing under vibration / temperature stress.
  • ...

Temperature Measurement and Control :

  • Temperature measurement on type-K thermocouple, multi-channel version available.
  • Temperature controller on K or Pt100 sensor with PID for TEC / Peltier heater and fan control up to 20A.
  • Development of thermal controlled base plate, up to 200°C, including test fixture dedicated to the tested device.
  • ...

Other Modules :

  • Multi-output pulse generator.
  • Sinus generator.
  • Specific serial protocol generator.
  • Multi-channel relay driver.
  • Multi-channel Voltage/Current acquisition.
  • ...
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