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Primary Mains Converters

The Bilt modules are powered by a DC rail distributed along the backplane and supplied by a set of primary mains converters.

Therefore, the total output power which can be delivered by the set of modules plugged into the chassis is limited by the maximum power of the mains converters.
The small Bilt chassis have a fixed primary power. For the large Bilt chassis, the available power can be set according to the application needs. For this purpose, prior to delivery, the chassis has to be fitted with a set of removable boards: the primary power package. Later, to comply with increasing needs, any package can be upgraded.

In addition, some packages are only 220V compliant, while others are 110V -220V 50Hz-60Hz compliant, because they use a mains input board with PFC corrector.

For proper power management, while the system is operating, the user can display both the actual consumed power and the maximum available power. In addition, if the consumed power rises above the maximum, the Bilt unit disables all the outputs while proceeding a proper backup and sending a warning message.

safe stop when mains cutoff
The DC sources use a set of capacitors to store enough energy to supply all the internal electronic parts for at least 50ms after the mains cut-off. Then, if the mains is cut off while operating, the Bilt system performs a complete and safe shutdown. In addition, the date of the mains interruption is memorized in a history file. The shutdown of light loads is proceeded according to the programmed stop delays.

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CPU BE718 Convertisseur primaire convertisseur primaire Entrée secteur Chassis
chassis 19'' 4U, Self-ventilated
compatible for stacking within a rack
Mains input board,
part of the primary power package
Primary converter,
part of the primary power package
CPU board
providing 13 modules local control
and 5 network interfaces
Primary converter,
part of the primary power package