Embedded Controller  


The BILT chassis is equipped with a powerful CPU board. It performs efficient local control of the plugged modules.

Real time control of any set of modules gathered into a software “group” entity :
  • Unlimited possibility of splitting both the plugged modules and their channels (if any) according to the number of independent groups required for the application.
  • Each defined group will act as a full independent multi-channel instrument, regardless of the events occurring within the other ones.
  • start and stop sequences can be defined with specific between-sources delays and threshold checking delays.
  • User programmable threshold monitoring on any parameter of any source allows automatics safe-stops
  • Internal and/or external triggers can be used.
User defined data logging to enhance test tracking :
  • Multiple memories can be created on any parameter with optionally advanced features such as auto-compression or “on-event” recordings, ...
  • automatic history log containing each dated event (such as start/stop, warning, alarm, configuration change, user comment ....
Last but not least, powerful and reliable local control of large reliability test benches :
  • Bilt system is based on the ability of each chassis to run the test by itself, while the PC software EasyStress retrieves data and performs operator access.

The BE718 board is built with a 32Bit ARM @ 96MHz, 2MB memory with backup, Ethernet, USB, GPIB and serial port.

Pdf  Bilt User Manual ...
Pdf  Bilt Programming Manual ...

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