Voltage DC Sources

BILT DC sources are designed for demanding applications in terms of channel count, reliability, accuracy, working range, monitoring ...

a few highlights of their common characteristics:
Multi-range modules ... On/Off sequence ...
Transient immunity to mains switching ... Safe stop when mains cut-off ...
Output ground reference ... Over-voltage and threshold protection ...

High Performance DC Sources
DataSheet, PDF BE5151 40V 200mA
4 quadrant source
4 voltage ranges from ±5V to ±40V
8 current ranges from 6.25µA to 200mA
DataSheet, PDF BE516 20V 6A
4 quadrant source
2 voltage ranges: ±5V, ±20V
9 current ranges from 5µA to 6A
DataSheet, PDF BE517 120V 4A 120W max
2 quadrant source
2 voltage ranges: +30V, +120V
9 current ranges from 5µA to 4A
Pdf BE547 15V 12A 120W max
2 quadrant source
Unipolar DC-Source with fast final linear regulation.
Pdf BE2231 50V 500mA                                                        
4 quadrant bipolar source
2 voltage ranges: ±50V, ±5V
1 current range: 500mA
DataSheet, PDF BE2431 DC voltage source 120V 5A                           Accepts any capacitive load from 0 to 100mF. 240W
BE2432 120W
Pdf BE2501 Pulsed Voltage Source ±25V ±200mA      
1 voltage range : ±25V
2 current ranges : ±5mA, ±200mA
Multi-channel DC sources
DataSheet, PDF BE582 6 independent DC sources ±10V 1A, 6W max / channel
DataSheet, PDF BE584 6 independent DC sources ±15V 200mA, 16 bit resolution
DataSheet, PDF BE586 3 independent DC sources ±120V 200mA, 16 bit resolution
DataSheet, PDF BE587 4 independent DC sources ±250V 1mA, 16 bit resolution
DataSheet, PDF BE5880 4 independent DC sources 18V 6A, 200W allowed for the sum of the 4 channels, 16 bit resolution    new !!
Very High Resolution, Ultra Low Noise DC Sources
Bilt module BE2100 series
DataSheet, PDF
BE2101 Standard panel outputs 4 quadrant isolated high stability DC Source ±12V 200mA
High resolution (21 bit, 6½ digit)
High accuracy (±0.01% typ.)
Ultra low noise (≤10µV typ.).
1.2V Range with 1.2µV resolution.
BE2102 External miniature probe
Bilt module BE2100 series
DataSheet, PDF
BE2141 4 channel module                                      4 independent isolated DC sources ±12V 15mA
High resolution (21 bit, 6½ digit)
High accuracy (±0.02% typ.)
Ultra low noise (≤5µV typ.).
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A very large working range is performed by modules fitted, for example, up to 10 current ranges. Therefore, the same module can either supply a large current of 5 amps, and later, measure a leakage current of a few nano-amps, while performing a good accuracy in both conditions.
Voltage or current range switching is proceeded only while source output is off. In addition, automatic selection of the best range can be obtained while setting the new voltage or current value.
When a device biased by several DC sources requires a sequential settling, each source can be switched on and off according to programmable delays. When a device requires dedicated settling time to obtain full operating conditions, threshold control and memorization can be enabled according to programmable delays.
Transient immunity to mains switching :
Each Bilt module is fitted with an output short-circuit relay.
Whenever the source is stopped, a relay shorts the output to ground. This avoids any transient voltage at the output during mains switching and internal circuitry recovery.
The DC sources use a set of capacitors to store enough energy to supply all the internal electronic parts for at least 50ms after the mains cut-off. Then, if the mains is cut off while operating, the Bilt system performs a complete and safe shutdown. In addition, the date of the mains interruption is memorized in a history file. The shutdown of light loads is proceeded according to the programmed stop delays.
- The Bilt DC sources designed for electronic component testing deliver an output referenced to the chassis common ground. It floats within a small gap of ±1,4V round the mains earth. This scheme is very efficient to avoid any ESD transient when connecting sensitive devices.
Then, each output regulator uses the 4 wire connection to counteract any ground voltage offset. These sources are bipolar, and a negative voltage is obtained without stopping by inverting the voltage setting.
- The recently designed DC sources deliver an output isolated from the chassis common ground. This enhances the AC performances and enlarges the application domain.
Most of the Bilt DC sources are fitted with a programmable over-voltage protection. This is useful for both the modules and the connected device, especially when mixing high and low voltage signals. The instantaneous protective clamping is performed by a thyristor which shorts the output to ground.
Moreover, each module has programmable thresholds on read-back measurements, checked by the on-board software every 2ms (typical value). They can just enable a warning message, or they can trigger the sequential cut-off of a complete group of modules.