Current DC Sources

The current source modules have been designed to drive the corrector magnets required for steering a particle beam, but, they are also useful for any other applications when fast settling or high stability is required:

  • The fast settling models perform settling time shorter than 70µs compliant with a data rate up to 10KHz
  • The low drift and low ripple models perform stability and resolution within the 5ppm range, while the current settles to the noise free maximum resolution of 19 bit within 20ms.
In addition, low drift models can drive any inductive load as well as non inductive loads.
Laser diodes test and superconducting coils biasing are some examples of numerous applications.
When testing laser diodes, optional AC modulation input is available for BE2811 & BE2812, in the 1KHz to 100KHz range.

Model Purpose Current Voltage DC Power Inductance range Ripple Drift Resolution Settling Data rate
DataSheet, PDF BE548  fast feedback ±10A 24V 120W 0,5mH - 5mH 100ppm 100ppm 16bits 60µs 10kHz RS485
DataSheet, PDF BE549  ±2A 50V 40W 50mH - 900mH 100ppm 100ppm 16bits 75µs 10kHz RS485
DataSheet, PDF BE2811  high resolution ±5A 18V 90W 0mH -200mH 7ppm 24ppm 19bits 20ms 100Hz LAN
DataSheet, PDF BE2812  ±15A 8V 120W 0mH - 10mH 7ppm 24ppm 19bits 20ms 100Hz LAN

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Nous contacter  According to the customer needs, any other combination of specification can be used to design a new model.

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