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Life-Test, Aging, Stress, Reliability tests of eletronics components Life-Test, Aging, Stress, Reliability tests of eletronics components
Development of tailor-made systems Development of tailor-made systems
High end modular DC sources High end modular DC sources

New !!

► DC Source BE58XX

4 isolated channels
BE5880: 18V/6A 200W
BE5890: 36V/3A 200W

► DC Source BE2231

4-quadrant DC source
50V 500mA
low noise, isolated.

► DC Source BE2141

4 isolated channels
21 bits "6½-Digit"
low noise.

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iTest has developed its own system of chassis and modular instruments, named BILT.
It provides a wide range of general purpose functions, while dedicated functions are also easy to integrate.
You need a dedicated design ?
Our engineers will develop modules and/or systems according
to your specifications. In any case, our skills include
all the steps required to build an application, from prototype to serial production.
Core-business of the company,
involving a wide application area, from technology or product qualification (Life-Test, Aging, Stress, Reliability tests),
to production Burn-In.
Main expertise of the company, leading to new applications for high end research: